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Services and Maintenance

We understand that your vehicle is one of your most important assets. So whether you need manufacturer recommended maintenance or just a checkup to help keep your vehicle in top shape,

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400 N. Bridge Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89102Phone: 702-382-7025


Your brake system plays a crucial role in bringing your vehicle to a safe stop.

Nevada Tire City offers quality brake parts and highly trained automotive technicians for all of your brake repair needs in Las Vegas, NV.

Alignment and Front EndRepair

A vehicle alignment brings the car's suspension into the proper vehicle manufacturer's specification by adjusting components so that the wheels are aligned with each other and the road surface.

Nevada Tire City offers state of the art alignment equipment in Las Vegas, NV.


Many wear factors can require exhaust replacement. Your exhaust system and connected muffler promote a complete combustion which provides fewer by-products.

Nevada Tire City provides muffler and exhaust system repair in Las Vegas, NV.