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NFERA RU5 - Nexen Tires

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Features and Benefits

- CUV/SUV Touring All Season
- Wave and straight-groove design optimizes the flow of water and improves hydroplaning performance.
- Enhanced center block stiffness improves handling response during high-speed driving.
- Micro-groove design optimizes traction performance in wet and snowy road conditions.
- Second rib on the outside, asymmetrically to the inside, optimizes stiffness and reduces in and out, delivering higher driving stability.

Select a tire size to view more details:

Size MSPN Price Each  
215/55R18XL 14056NXK $142.95 More Info
215/65R16XL 14014NXK $98.95 More Info
225/55R18 13120NXK $155.95 More Info
225/60R17/XL 13119NXK $134.95 More Info
235/50R19XL 14058NXK $176.95 More Info
235/55R17 14010NXK $121.95 More Info
235/55R18 14435NXK $144.95 More Info
235/55ZR19/XL 13122NXK $170.95 More Info
P235/55R20XL 14016NXK $149.95 More Info
P235/60R17/XL 12611NXK $137.95 More Info
235/60R18/XL 12612NXK $143.95 More Info
235/65R17/XL 12600NXK $159.95 More Info
235/65R18XL 14011NXK $143.95 More Info
245/50R20 14070NXK $151.95 More Info
245/55R19 14059NXK $176.95 More Info
P245/60R18 12613NXK $147.95 More Info
255/45R20/XL 12606NXK $151.95 More Info
255/50ZR19 14434NXK $178.95 More Info
255/50ZR20XL 14012NXK $168.95 More Info
255/55R18/XL 12605NXK $149.95 More Info
255/55R20 15092NXK $151.95 More Info
255/60R18 14391NXK $158.95 More Info
265/45R20/XL 12607NXK $155.95 More Info
265/50R20XL 14021NXK $171.95 More Info
P265/60R18 12615NXK $155.95 More Info
275/40R20/XL 12617NXK $151.95 More Info
275/45R20/XL 12608NXK $149.95 More Info
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